VAMC Tuskegee Mental Health Floor Build Out, Tuskegee, AL

//VAMC Tuskegee Mental Health Floor Build Out, Tuskegee, AL
VAMC Tuskegee Mental Health Floor Build Out, Tuskegee, AL 2017-12-11T06:47:15+00:00

Project Description

This project consists of the relocation of the Mental Health and Behavioral Patient Care Unit and portion of the administrative space to the second floor in Building 120. The design goal was to maximize the total number of private rooms. The total patient bed count will be 30 beds. Building 120 is a 5-level building comprised of a basement, a twostory open air terrace and enclosed third and fourth floors. The building was designed to support a future second floor and enclosing the terrace for the first floor. This project will require the construction of the second floor. The 20,885 DGSF Second Floor will be enclosed.

The project includes offices for doctors, nurse practitioner, nurse manager, head nurse, psychologists, dietician and social workers. It also includes the following support spaces: sallyport, nurse’s control center, nurse stations, exam, interview, conference, quiet, nourishment, medication, staff lounge, staff lockers, waiting area, patient restrooms, patient bedrooms, wheelchair storage, equipment storage, activity/dining and seclusion suite. The construction budget for this project is $7.5 M.

Project Details

GSF: 20,900 SF
Total Cost: 7.5 Million
Design Completion: 2012