VAMC, SPD/Biomed Renovation, Erie, PA

//VAMC, SPD/Biomed Renovation, Erie, PA
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Project Description

The primary goals of this project were to create an entrance to the SPD sterile areas adjacent to BioMed that prohibits access by non-gowned staff and visitors and to create a separate entrance to the BioMed Department from a non-sterile corridor for persons in street clothes. The space is not available within the medical center to relocate the BioMed Department. Access to the BioMed Department shall be off a non-sterile corridor and provide some restricted access from a public corridor as a security measure in protecting the types of equipment found within the BioMed Department.

This project consists of a 6,500 SF analysis of BioMed and SPD spaces and renovation to 2,075 SF, of which includes the renovation to the BioMed Department of 1,440 square feet, a relocated SPD Staff Lounge of 355 square feet, and a new vestibule of 280 square feet. A larger BioMed Department with a dedicated entrance off a non-sterile corridor has been created by integrating two SPD spaces ( SPD staff lounge and SPD Storage) adjacent and to the north of the existing BioMed Department. The plan creates a separate entrance for non-gowned staff and visitors to easily access and transfer equipment to the BioMed Department without transferring through the sterile areas of SPD. A supply room contiguous to the BioMed Department as requested by the Users provides some relief to the current issues associate to storage needs. Additionally, soiled items from the non-sterile portion of SPD are transferred through the new vestibule and avoid the sterile areas of SPD. Air transfer grilles were not used in the renovation and modifications to the existing mechanical systems in SPD and the BIoMed Department was required.

Project Details

GSF: 6,500 SF
Total Cost: 1.7 Million
Design Completion: 2010