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Eugene M. Ogozalek, AIA, NCARB 2017-12-11T09:05:37+00:00

Eugene M. Ogozalek, AIA, NCARB

Two completely disparate events, occurring in the late sixties and early seventies, provided the strength, perseverance and determination that Mr. Ogozalek would rely upon throughout his life. The first event provided the opportunity for the second to occur.  On January 25, 1968, while serving with the United States Marines, as an 18 year old combat rifleman near the demilitarized zone, Mr. Ogozalek was seriously wounded during a major attack against the North Vietnamese Army.  No event is more significant in his life than to have served in harm’s way with his fellow gallant Marines in combat.

The second event was attending Tulane University as an architectural student under a full scholarship from the Department of Veterans Affairs.  The five years at Tulane in New Orleans remain as his most enjoyable experience where he matured intellectually through the daily conversations with students and faculty.  His commitment to architecture began under the wonderful live oaks in New Orleans.

The  role of the architect is to bring beauty into the built environment. Natural beauty is God given, however, the architect designs with proportion, light, color and texture to assemble common materials into objects of beauty.

Emilia and Eugene were married in San Jose, Costa Rica in 1973.   Their sons,  Andrew, a graduate of the University of Scranton  and David, a graduate of Tulane, reside in New Orleans.